Curved Dash Oldsmobile Club

Member Benefits

The Curved Dash Oldsmobile Club was established in 1977 by Gary Hoonsbeen and Norm Nielson as a way for owners, restorers and fans to share information and technical advice to restore and maintain these historic vehicles. To his end, the Club maintains an extensive library of original engineering documents and shop manuals as well as modern technical articles.

Parts and Technical Information

The Club reproduces many parts for our cars. Currently available are Head and valve cover gaskets, transmission band linings, clutch pads, drive chain, tiller grips, crankcase drip oilers, axle oilers and floor mats. Since the Club underwrites this and sells the parts at cost, they are available to members only.

Several members of the Club reproduce parts on a regular basis. These are also available to Club members.

Members and the Club also loan parts to others for reproduction.

Members freely share technical advice through the quarterly newsletter and direct contact. Almost all questions are answered. Lack of answers is usually due to differences within a particular model.

Our Google email discussion group is an active area for sharing with other members.

Newsletter Archives

Our past Newsletters contain an enormous amount of news and information. They have been scanned into searchable PDF files. We also have an ongoing project to index these documents to make it easier to find what you're looking for.

Ownership Registry

Ownership information provided by members, individual mentions of cars in the newsletters, and other sources are also included within membership. Linked together, they provide a history of ownership. This is an ongoing process and the Registry is updated whenever new information becomes available.

Membership Roster

Contacting others who share your passion for these historic vehicles can be rewarding on many levels. Who knows what you can discover?!