Curved Dash Oldsmobile Club

Model 6C

CDO Model 6C
Year: 1904-05
Production in 1904: 2233 (approximate)
Production in 1905: 1239 (approximate)
Serial Numbers in 1904 - 20000 thru 24999 (not sequential)

Special characteristics: A much more substantial vehicle, with bracing of the rear axle and substantial brakes added to the rear wheels. The main leaf and extra leaves all run the length of the car. The bore of the motor was increased to 5" and the power output increased to 7 HP. The Models 6C used wooden, 12 spoke artillery wheels. A member, Joe Merli, has researched the design of the pin-striping on the leaf springs, believing he has an original vehicle, design which is shown in the diagram.


As can be seen from the photograph, the construction of the Model 6C is much more substantial then the previous Model R. Note the radius rods to the rear axle near the wheels. The photograph slows quite clearly the brakes on the rear wheels. These replace the brake drum on the transmission that was a feature of the Model R. The gas and water tanks now sit either side of the cylinder block, previously the water tank was on top of the cylinder. The truss rods, that first appeared in 1902 are continued, but the rear axle housing is now much larger and is bolted together rather than the previous screw thread design. The front steering spring was retained, but now the helper springs are on the outside of the main springs, compare the layout of the 1904 layout to that of the 1903.


The picture of the 1904 engine clearly shows the two transmission bands, the high speed clutch, flywheel and starting crank. All very similar to the Model R, but most just a little more robust. The radiator is the finned design, similar to the one from the late 1903 models but with a revised water circulation. Initially this took the hot water from the cylinder head directly to the water tank where it would boil nicely. Later in the year, the engineers saw the error of their ways and re-routed the hot water first to the radiator.

1904 Picture (above)

This is rather a special CDO (s/n 21733) for most all CDO collectors. It is a photograph of George & Jenny Green when they visited the Oldsmobile factory one one of their two (2) trips around the USA. These trips are chronicled in the CDO Club newsletter, the first in 1938 when they spent four months touring 30 states, usually moving at about 20 mph. He and his wife must have enjoyed the trip as they repeated the journey later in 1946.

The caption on the rear of this picture reads:
"Charles H. Blades, 78, dean of the automotive industry greets Mr. and Mrs. George C. Green of Lambertville, N.J. when they visit the Oldsmobile factory in Lansing, Mich., en route on a projected 7,000-mile vacation tour in a 1904 single-cylinder Oldsmobile which Green purchased for $165 as a used car in 1907. Blades, who hammered out the first Oldsmobile axle by hand in 1897, helped build the car in which the Greens are touring. In the 31 years of his ownership, Green has driven the old car between 1,000 and 2,000 miles per year. Its top speed is 30 miles per hour and Green says he gets 28 miles to the gallon."