Curved Dash Oldsmobile Club

Model R1

CDO Model R1
Year - 1901
Production - 425 (approximate)
Serial Numbers - 6000 to 6425 (approximate)

A very simple automobile with tiller steering (see drawings), wire wheels, block chain, no emergency brake at the rear wheels or in the rear axle. A chain breakage leaves the driver with no means of stopping! No truss rods under either the front or rear axles. The ignition switch was mounted mounted on the battery box and operated from a small lever next to the spark advance lever. The front axle spindle bolts were adjustable, having a king pin with a cone at the top end which could be tightened inside the cone of the spindle. The wheels were spokes using 28 x 2-1/2 single tube tires. The tires used on most modern restorations are 28 x 3 tires on clincher rims. Wheel base is 5' 6", track is 4' 8" and overall length 7' 11".The main leaf spring runs longitudinally the length of the car, with extra leaves at each end and a wood block under the body.

There was no conventional carburetor on the initial models, but a rather complex system of pump and vapor plate which seemed to work quite well. It was replaced by a mixer either in late 1901 or early 02 which is almost a carburetor except it has no float. The intake vacuum lifts a small valve and pulls gas into the air flow. It is not very reliable and needs constant adjustments. Later in in production it was replaced by a Holley. Naturally it had to primed before it would operate. The motor has a bore of 4.5" and stroke of 6", giving a power output of about 4 HP. The water tank was mounted over the top of the engine, the muffler inside the body on the left and the gas tank at the right. The cylinder water jacket has a saddle cast on top to hold the water tank. The oiler is mounted over the center of the crank case on a small bracket. Oil is carried from this drip oiler to the input hole in the cylinder. The flow from this drip oiler should be adjusted to use one pint (half a quart) for every 50 miles, usually one drop every 10 seconds. The flywheel is 20-1/2 ' diameter and weighs 120 pounds and has six spokes.